contract professionals.
The property specialists.

Whether it's the foyer, lobby or conference room – those central areas in property design where people mingle and take a break require seating arrangements that playfully absorb and accentuate the breadth of your architectural ideas. The two design lines "Lounge" and "Conference" offer you design furniture from the property specialists: contract professionals.

Customer focus is in the mind

Jürgen Sollner: The bright mind behind contract professionals has a sensitive touch for consummate interior design. This touch is focused entirely on the needs of architects and interior designers, from the first consultation to the finished project. Do you have any questions? Just call us!

Feel for quality

When it comes to quality, we trust entirely in our feel for discerning interior design. After all, we can only inspire others if we are inspired ourselves. We procure our materials exclusively from hand-picked premium suppliers. Our tip: let us inspire you.

Blending ideas with space

Our most important design resource in creating a bespoke room concept is simple. It's listening. We absorb your ideas, bounce them off our property experience and are thus able to build the echo chamber you need to model your brainchild more clearly. Connecting ideas.

For specialists.
By specialists.

Jürgen Sollner has long-standing, profound experience of the industry's premium segment. He came up with a fascinating idea: to develop a brand that caters exclusively to the needs of architects and interior designers. Uncompromising design furniture by contract professionals. For specialists. By specialists.


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Today's creative touch. For the future of seating.

We aim to create beautifully fashioned design furniture that makes our customers' guests feel comfortable. This is why we collaborate exclusively with hand-picked designers who combine essential qualities: creative potential, a keen eye for modern design vocabulary, a feel for the ideal room layout and a visionary approach to the future of seating.