26 fabric qualities
12 leather qualities
390 colours
23 price groups


Unlimited inspiration.
Creating ideas.

Michelangelo could always see the figure concealed in the untouched stone. All he did was chip away the other bits. We offer a wealth of forms, colours, fabric and leather qualities in our design furniture. So you have every opportunity to shape your ideas for a perfect room concept.

Our design principle: Anticipation and satisfaction


Our design furniture is uncompromising when it comes to aesthetics. In terms of comfort as well. These factors produce a quite astonishing effect. They create anticipation for a comfortable seating experience even at first glance – which they reliably satisfy immediately afterwards. Anticipation and satisfaction.




Today's creative touch. For the future of seating.

We aim to create beautifully fashioned design furniture that makes our customers' guests feel comfortable. This is why we collaborate exclusively with hand-picked designers who combine essential qualities: creative potential, a keen eye for modern design vocabulary, a feel for the ideal room layout and a visionary approach to the future of seating.